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Forrest Griffin (look him up, kids) made his UFC debut in 2005 via The Ultimate Fighter, and I was immediately hooked. To call it a sport, then, was as taboo as the spectacle itself, but fast-forward 15 years later and here we are with a full blown, developed betting market that is rapidly increasing in handle each and every year.

Yet unlike equally maturing markets, I have found it beatable.

I’ve been giving out UFC picks across a multitude of platforms for years now, some free and some behind paywalls. Some notables?

Since 2017, I have covered the UFC for websites such as BettingPros, OddsChecker, SportsBook Review, and others, providing free weekly analysis and picks.

In my two appearances on UFC’s betting show “On-the-Line” late last year, I went 8-2 (+12.88 Units). In my podcast (The Daily Sports Bet, Spotify) that spanned June - February last year, I gave out nearly 60 picks finishing with a straight pick winning % of 55.6% (+24.91 units).

The one thing I learned about podcasting? I have a voice for copy.

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Good luck, let’s cash some tickets.

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